Welcome to Sweetbriar Florist & Perennials!

Sweetbriar Florist & Perennials provides unique floral & garden artwork, aiming to bring the beauty of the natural world into everyone's lives. We started selling perennials 30 years ago, from our field on Old Westboro Road in Grafton. Since then we've moved into a dedicated shop, expanded into a full-service flower shop, and, most recently, added a collection of garden art classes.

We pride ourselves in bringing unique artistic creations to life. Individually crafted mosaic garden art, unique terrariums and seedum gardens, delicious honeys - we bring passion to anything in the garden


Want to bring some inspiration to your home and garden? Learn how to make your very own garden art.


Looking for something unique? See some of our garden-art creations.


We offer flowers for every occasion: weddings, funerals, or as a thank you to a special person.